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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext accessRepository
1960L'effetto tunnel acusticoVICARIO, Giovanni Bruno No fulltextAir (UniUD)
1961Hyperon photon decayCALUCCI, GIORGIO No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1962Radiative corrections to the total cross section for annihilation of a pair into photonsCALUCCI, GIORGIO No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1962Cesare d'Este e Clemente VIIIGASPARINI, ALBERTO No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1962Theory of high energy scattering and multiple productionAmati, Daniele Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
1964Poesia di Nora Franca Poliaghi,in Umana (Trieste)RUSSO, FABIO No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1964Theories and experiments on discrimination timesShallice, Timothy Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
1964The detection of change and the perceptual moment hypothesisShallice, Timothy Restricted AccessDigitaLibrary (SISSA)
1965Sulla caratterizzazione delle spezie. Nota I.STANCHER, BRUNO No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1965Sulla condizione dei Romani durante la dominazione longobarda nella storiografia dell'OttocentoMOSCARDA, DEA No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1965Introduzione alla meccanica quantisticaTONTI, ENZO No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1966Sulla caratterizzazione delle spezie. Olio essenziale di origano. Nota III.STANCHER, BRUNO No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1966Sulla caratterizzazione delle spezie. Olio essenziale di origano. Note I e II.STANCHER, BRUNO No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1966On the bound states of a relativistic systemCALUCCI, GIORGIO No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1966Cross section for annihilation of a pair in two photons with gauge-invariant modification of the electron propagatorCALUCCI, GIORGIO No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1966Some remarks about the dispersive approach to symmetry breakingCALUCCI, GIORGIO No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1966Racionalizam kao osnova umetničke strukture Strnišinog pesništva.MITROVIC, MARIJA No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1966Autobiografski elementi u delima Juša Kozaka.MITROVIC, MARIJA No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1966Prozno stvaralaštvo Pavla Zidara.MITROVIC, MARIJA No fulltextArTS (UniTS)
1966Poetski lik Cirila Zlobeca.MITROVIC, MARIJA No fulltextArTS (UniTS)